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Please see the below links for PDFs and details of my published writing:

I have edited ‘The Fix’ for Psychologies for the last two years. In the five monthly pages we feature new books, films, exhibitions and research. Please find examples below:

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, November 2016.

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, April 2017.

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, May 2017.


Click for: ‘Falling in love again‘ feature about dating and learning to be vulnerable again for Psychologies January 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 17.51.57

Click for: Writing weekend with Skyros and Psychologies. (August 2017 and online.)


Click for: ‘What should I do with my life?’ careers coaching feature for Psychologies, June 2017.

careers coaching

Click for: ‘Time travel‘ feature about a weekend exploring Ascona in Switzerland, Psychologies, April 2017.


Click for: ‘Single minded’ feature about embracing and enjoying being single for Psychologies, February 2017.


Click for: ‘Climb every mountain’, overcoming our weaknesses at work, feature for Psychologies, December 2016.


Click for: ‘Three’s a crowd’, relationships coaching feature for Psychologies, August 2016.


Click for: ‘Finding your self’, feature for Psychologies, July 2016.



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