What is compleating?

Compleating is cooking with all edible (and delicious) parts of fruits, vegetables and herbs! When we prepare food, we automatically throw away the parts of produce we have been taught are inedible or not up to scratch. What we are left with is a pile of unloved offcuts – things like onion skins, garlic skins,Continue reading “What is compleating?”

The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating

The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating: An A–Z of Zero-Waste Eating For the Mindful Vegan by Ellen Tout What is “compleating“? Completely eating every part of a fruit or vegetable! Plant-based diets are a wonderful way to protect the planet, but fruits and vegetables still have carbon footprints, and often the parts we throw awayContinue reading “The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating”

Exploring the literary walks of East Hampshire

Ten years ago, I started life as a student in Southampton, milling around the city and nearby Winchester. But it wasn’t until returning for a weekend of walking that I discovered the significance of Hampshire’s literary history. The opportunity to following in writer’s footsteps feels so romantic, unearthing stories hidden for hundreds of years. OurContinue reading “Exploring the literary walks of East Hampshire”

My trek along the Great Wall of China for Alzheimer’s Society

Standing in Huangyaguan, a small rural Chinese town, we see the Great Wall for the first time – majestic and daunting, rising into the mountains behind us. Most tourists visit the busy, restored sections of the wall, but with local guides we’re fortunate to start our trek in this beautiful valley in the heart of the YanshanContinue reading “My trek along the Great Wall of China for Alzheimer’s Society”

Walking holiday in Brighton’s South Downs

I’ve got many happy memories of exploring Brighton – throwing stones into the sea, eating chips on the pier and shopping in The Lanes. Brighton is one of my favourite towns, but I’d never strayed far beyond its centre. So I packed up my car, Bella the dog on the backseat and my walking bootsContinue reading “Walking holiday in Brighton’s South Downs”

Vegetarian delights at Food For Friends in Brighton

As a vegetarian, eating out can often become an inevitably dull round of mushroom soups. Whilst in Brighton, I enjoyed dinner at the award-winning vegetarian and vegan restaurant, Food For Friends. Set in the heart of The Lanes, Food For Friends offers exciting and artfully presented dishes with fresh ingredients served in imaginative combinations. TheContinue reading “Vegetarian delights at Food For Friends in Brighton”

Interview with street artist Harriet Wood, aka Miss Hazard

Harriet Wood has been voted by The Guardian as one of the top five female graffiti artists in the UK and The Huffington Post as one of the top 25 female street artists worldwide. I spoke to Harriet, know as Miss Hazard, about her crowdfunding community arts project. How and why were you inspired become aContinue reading “Interview with street artist Harriet Wood, aka Miss Hazard”