Film review: Miss Sloane

Fierce, determined and undefeated, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is a powerful American lobbyist – described by her colleagues as an ice cube personified. ‘I was hired to win,’ she states. ‘And I use whatever resources I have.’

But when she abandons a high profile client to fight the side of a small campaign to improve gun legislation, Elizabeth sees it as her personal duty to overthrow the current laws, regardless of the price.

Talented, but isolated, Miss Sloane struggles against the opposition, the courts and her own anxieties in her unwavering need to win.

This political thriller is rich in twists and, although fictional, gives a poignant look inside policymaking through the eyes of Chastain’s ruthlessly brave character – a role you might typically expect from a male character.

A must-watch for fans of House of Cards.

Watch the Miss Sloane film trailer here:


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