The Phantom of the Opera returns to The Mayflower

After 25 years reigning over London’s West End The Phantom returns with a spine-tingling new adaptation.

Winner of two Olivier awards, The Phantom of the Opera is London’s second longest running musical. And it’s not difficult to see why. From the moment the curtain lifts the audience falls silent as the enchanting sound of the phantom’s music box fills the theatre. Tension and mystery quickly builds as you are guided through this gripping tale of murder and seduction.

The Phantom and Christine
The Phantom and Christine


Set in the famous Paris Opera House, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic tells the haunting story of a young dancer named Christine as she is thrust into the spotlight and given one choice: Sing and steal the lead role or suffer the unthinkable consequences.

We follow the Opera House’s theatre executives, dancers and leading lady as they are met by the phantom’s growing demands. As the opera house opens you are cast in the role of the awaiting audience. From the dark corners of the theatre and the basement below the voice of the phantom echoes around the theatre. Will the show continue? Is the phantom just a young girl’s imagination or is danger looming closer with every note sung?

Pop-opera meets musical, this breath-taking adaptation of a classic will leave you cowering in your seat and puzzling over the historical mystery of the phantom who haunts the opera. It’s a must see for musical for everyone from established theatre goers to anyone looking for their first taste of the stage.

The Phantom of the Opera runs at The Mayflower until Saturday February 16.


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