Green Day’s American Idiot The Musical hits the UK

In it’s UK debut after a stint on Broadway American Idiot the Musical tells the story of three ‘American idiots’ whose friendship is tested as each confronts a new obstacle on their path to manhood.

The show erupts onto stage in a high-energy performance of the title track. And as if to remind the audience that this is a musical and not just another gig, it’s not only the music that’s note perfect but also the highly choreographed and demanding dance routines.

Whilst the loosely strung together story line can be tough to follow, the passionate renditions of tracks from Boulevard of Broken Dreams to 21 Guns, Wake Me Up When September Ends and Holiday make up for the lack of narrative. The combination of both male and female vocals ensures that the music brings new and unexpected stances on the classics, sure to surprise even the most dedicated Green Day fans.

The on-stage band perform like true rockstars- undeterred by the spinning sets of the soon to be West End musical which unfold around them. But it’s the detail-focussed choreography that is truly impressive about this new musical. Whether united in a back-to-basics acoustic rendition of Good Riddance (Time of your Life) or floating from the theatre’s rafters, the choreography cleverly brings enough surprises to entertain seasoned theatre-goers, whilst throwing in plenty of head banging for those there for the music.

Truly deserving of it’s ever-growing list of awards, this is a must see for any rock or theatre fan.

Credit- The New York Times



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