Legally Blonde, The Musical hits Southampton

The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. June 19 2012.

Having previously seen Legally Blonde, The Musical in the West End it was interesting to how the performance would translate onto a Southampton stage. But as the curtain rose to an explosion of pink feathers and choruses of ‘oh my god’ it was obvious that this musical has the perfect mix of music, eye candy and laughs.

Written by Miranda Hart, the story is full of clichés and is totally unrealistic. But these qualities make Legally Blonde The Musical a hilarious, ten out of ten night out. After our protagonist Elle Woods loses her dream man Warner, she decides to become serious! Cue her application to Harvard School of Law. And her reasons for applying to one of America’s top institutions? Love.

Faced with navy suit wearing students and a fearless law tutor, played by Peter Davidson, Elle struggles through law school and might even find new love on her horizon.

The show culminates in a court case, fronted by Miss Legally Blonde herself- Elle. Will her knowledge of hair care crack the case? And could the bend and snap hold the key to the truth? This is the theatre, so of course it will! Expect a hilarious and daring musical debate about if the pool boy is in fact gay or simply European. Plus a steamy rendez-vous with the tight shorts wearing UPS delivery man.

Legally Blonde, The Musical boasts a genius dose of comedy, love and sing-along musical numbers. A great night out for any woman.


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