The NME Vs Ed Sheeran- Where’s the Value in Attacking Music?

Outdated NME resort to attacking music





Saturday saw the  web spiral into an attack of Ed Sheeran, with NME’s online editor Luke Lewis leading the imaginatively named campaign- How Shit is Ed Sheeran?

The ‘campaign’ asked tweeters to unite in their hatred of Ed Sheeran, commenting to share their thoughts. Comments were re-tweeted by the NME stream and spread quickly.

If this is how the NME view music then it is no surprise that their sales are dropping, with their snobby, Indie blinkered view of music alienating the reader. NME claim that “every week it gives its readers the most exciting, most authoritative coverage of the very best in contemporary music.” Why then I ask, is the NME spending their time attacking a clearly talented artist?



Music magazines should celebrate great and successful musicians, be that artist an unsigned band or an award-winner. It’s no surprise then that two days later Luke Lewis has returned, tail between his legs, with a statement which can be read here.

He said: “It was a clanking great social media fail, and I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself.” The ‘campaign’ has since been removed and all comments have disappeared.

Once the leader in music news, the now tired NME has resorted to the cyber bullying of a BRIT award nominated artist. Realising his mistake, Luke Lewis has swiftly attempted to mend the situation. I reckon that the mag were fearful of a costly defamation suing, don’t you?

Graciously Ed Sheeran tweeted in reply: “Fair play, no hard feelings”.

Regardless of your opinion of Ed Sheeran’s music, the way in which the NME acted is totally unacceptable. The role of the journalist is to offer comment, information and entertainment. It’s fair enough to dislike a musician, but what is healthy about attacking a person based upon their music and encouraging a mass target of hatred?




The British musical press should support up and coming artists and help our music to grow and evolve.

What’s more, I for one think Ed Sheeran’s hybrid of acoustic hip-hop has opened up the music sphere and encourage music lovers from different genres to unite through music. Clearly the NME can’t handle that.


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  1. Luke Lewis is now joining Buzzfeed, hopefully he can take a course in careful communication …. or start a fresh hate campaign against someone else trying to bully. I’ve seen his facebook posts and quite frankly, the guy is obviously juvenile.

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