Bloggers cost taxpayers thousands, apparently

Or do councils and local journalists just fear the competition?

Today Hold The Front Page reported that: “Bloggers cost taxpayers thousands, claims council.”

Click here to read the article.

They’re referring to Barnet council in London who say that local bloggers have incurred fees of £40,000 in Freedom of Information requests.

One of these citizen journalists, known as Mr. Reasonable, responded via his blog saying: “Nil has been spent. All FOI questions are answered by staff in the normal course of their work.”

Could it be that councils are simply trying to deflect the light away from their own spending and cuts and onto innocent bloggers who are doing nothing more than utilizing law and democracy?

If day-to-day freedom of speech costs money then we have some serious problems.

Furthermore, doesn’t the idea of wasting the taxpayer’s money remind you of a different kind of scandal? Not the supposed scandal that is writing a blog, but the expenses scandal where MP’s cost the taxpayer millions.

Perhaps councils should re-think their stance on blogging and look a little closer to home when it comes to wasting the taxpayer’s money.


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