The Return of Skins

It’s three years since the first series of Skins hit British screens. And now is the time to welcome the third bunch of Skins students.

With reviews of the last series having been mixed Company Pictures need to impress if they hope to maintain the reputation of the BAFTA award winning drama.

Last night saw the first episode of the new series unveiled, which can be seen here:

What did you think?

Just as with all Skins episodes the plot follows the Effy-like protagonist, Franky, whom we gradually learn more about. It’s her first day at Roundview College and for her being the “batty-lezza” who’s chased on a mobility scooter is only the start of it.

Fortunately it seems that the producers have taken a fresh approach to the plot. The students do not attend any secret raves, have sex in school or commit arson. At least not yet anyway!

It’s satisfying to see that Skins also know a school like you and I may remember. A school with quirky characters, terrified new kids, bullying and a confused queen-bee.

We all love Skins for the drama and the eccentric characters. And I’m sure there’s plenty of that to come, but this first episode is a nice breath of fresh air.


Written by Ellen Tout.


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