A Spotlight Review – P!nk: Greatest Hits… so Far.

Being a loyal and scarily devoted P!nk fan, it’s a miracle that I have not already written a blog dedicated to the lovely P!nk.

But not to fear, the time has come. Miss P!nk’s debut greatest hits album was released on the 16 November, 2011.

Not surprisingly I have managed to find a few things, both good and bad, to say about it.

My first criticism is the phrase ‘greatest hits’. It just seems to suggest that P!nk has…

a)Died without any fans realising

b)Given up on her career all together

c) No longer knows how to write a NEW song.

Thankfully none of these are the case. She’s just going to be a Mum 🙂 None the less, as a journalist I find the idea of P!nk having a greatest hits album as clichéd and far too mainstream Popish. Even if it is just her hits “so far”.

Moving on… I might as well get the complaining out of the way in one short blast. Rather than actual “hits”, the album is more a compilation of her singles. Which are all good songs, but I’m sure that most people who buy P!nk albums know full well that there are masses of incredible songs beyond those which are simply the singles. The singles may sell the albums, but it’s the other tracks on the albums that are really worthy of love. It would just be nice if those songs were held up in the spotlight sometime.

Songs like Glitter in the Air, Save My Life, When We’re Through and I’m Not Dead. Why not give them some love too?!

But all that said, I will be playing this album over and over for years. I have had the Raise Your Glass video on repeat for days. And, I do love all three of the bonus tracks.

If there is anyone out there who can listen to Raise Your Glass without dancing then I beg you to make yourself known. It’s catchy, a tiny bit cheesy and very very p!nk. What’s not to love?

Fuckin’ Perfect also gets a thumbs up. This song perfectly describes the felling of loving somebody so much, but yet they still don’t see how incredible they are for themselves. “Pretty pretty please if you ever ever feel like you’re nothing, you’re fucking perfect to me.”

Last, but not least, P!nk’s Greatest Hits… so Far also brings us Heartbreak Down. This track is one of P!nk’s classic Pop moments and of course she manages to pull it off with style. 🙂

So P!nk, to you a raise a glass. Love ya!


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