Spotlight On: Aladdin at The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, staring Paul O’Grady

It seems like years since I last saw a pantomime, but as I’m sure you know, at Christmas time anything can happen.

Lily Savage is back and staring alongside S Club 7’s Jon Lee in the Mayflower Theatre’s Aladdin. I went along to see if it was worth all the fuss.

The show took place in what is a surprisingly stunning Southampton venue and is running until January 8.


With a total of 37 performances, most of which have sold out, it’s not difficult to see why this panto has been such a huge success.


The show is crammed with laughs from start to finish. Think, Lily Savage- also known as Paul O’Grady- spontaneously arguing with the audience. Think, two inexplicable but hilarious police men. Plus, your inevitable ‘baddie’ played by Daren Bennett of Chitty Chityy Bang Bang.

What I really love about the Mayflower’s Aladdin is that yes it is a traditional pantomime, but it is also much more. The jokes were clever, the music was note perfect and the set was gorgeous.


When going to the theatre I want to experience the magic of a script unravelling in front of me. Aladdin delivers this magic on a plate, served with a convincing flying carpet and loveable giant Genie.

The only let down is the Wave 105’s Shireen Jordan who plays the Slave of the Ring. She may be an ok radio journalist, but when it comes to the live stage Shireen simply doesn’t seem to have what it takes.


But, none the less, this classic panto deserves 9/10 because it truly does deliver. A great night out for family, friends or quite honestly, anyone!



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