A Spotlight On … ‘Life As We Know It’- Film

You could say that if you’ve seen one Romantic Comedy then you’ve seen them all. But instead I say if you’ve seen one Rom Com then you need to see them all!

Life As We Know It is no Love Actually, but there’s still enough arguing, accidental drug taking and impulsive love declarations to satisfy your needs.

Obviously we know right from the beginning that the couple, played by Katherin Heigl and Joshua Duhamel, will eventually fall for each other, but it’s still an enjoyable ride.

Directed by Greg Berlanti, of American drama Brothers and Sisters, the couple find themselves thrust together after the death of their mutual friends. The sole thing they agree on- their loathing for each other.

Heigl plays a controlling, yet likeable career woman, while Duhamel is a hopeless ladies-man and sports director. But when they’re named as guardians for the orphaned Sophie they attempt to put their differences aside.

Cue emergency baby advice from their teenage neighbour, confusion about the mystery of nappies and numerous drunken mistakes.

Eventually we find our heroine chasing Messer, whom she of course actually loves, to the airport. But her man is nowhere to be seen! She returns home and, in true Ross and Rachel of Friends style, he is already waiting for her.

The plot may be lacking in imagination, but it makes up for that with comedy and romance. At the end of the day, what more could you ask of a Romantic Comedy?


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