Was it the last episode or wasn’t it? Who knows, but one thing is for sure and it’s that The Inbetweeners have had a pretty incredible run.

The final episode of the third series aired last night after two years of unforgettable comedy. It saw the boys voyage to the country and not surprisingly ended with vomit, one waterlogged car and an STD.

Over the last three series our favourite sixth-form boys have found themselves in some pretty interesting situations. Let’s take a look at some of everyone’s favourite moments…

Series One, Episode Three.

AKA Thorpe Park- A casual drive to Thorpe Park turns into a stalking match thanks to Jay. The boys manage to hijack a funeral procession, lose a car door and feel the wrath of The Happy Foundation.
Series One, Episode Four.

AKA Jay’s ‘friend’- Who could forget “OH friend, oh new friend”. Is it just me who incidentally could never take the word friend seriously again? Jay eventually breaks down and jumps on a car bonnet in order to prove how little of a friend his mate from West Ham really is.

Series Two, Episode Four.

AKA ‘bus wanker’- This episode is quite simply the King of all Inbetweeners moments. The boys venture to London and pass a group of not so friendly “bus wankers” who soon teach them a few manners. When they eventually make it to the club Simon exchanges his new shoes for those of a very confused homeless man. Meanwhile Neil cuts his manhood whilst trying to pee in a can.

Series Three, Episode One.

AKA the fashion show- Will refuses to take part in the school fashion show, but soon learns that he’s ‘a principled man, and one of those principles turns out to be he’ll do literally anything a girls asks him to.’ The situation is much worse for Simon though who parades in front of the entire school and reveals something he really wishes he hadn’t.

To be perfectly honest every episode has been top notch and if you really can’t bear life without The Inbetweeners their new film is due out this summer.



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