A Week for England…

I’m not going to lie, it has been a while since I blogged. I’ve been busy, ok? But pathetic excuses put aside, here’s the picture this week.

A few days ago I arrived in Nantes, France. (It’s in the West in case you’re wondering.)

I found myself here because for some now-forgotten reason I thought studying French would be a wise idea. Just a heads up… it’s not.

As expected I’m missing England.  Did you know you can’t even get a stream of Eastenders outside the UK?? If you also secretly love England then here’s a week of music for YOU

Monday – Laura Marling: Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)

This track honestly sends shivers through my body. Written about Laura’s sadness of leaving England to travel and tour; this number is beautiful and reminds even the grumpiest of Brits that England is’’t so bad.

Tuesday- The Mystery Jets: Two Doors Down

Two reasons:

A)     I interviewed them and they were lovely.

B)      “The neighbours complain” It may just be my road, but who else ‘secretly’ can’t stand their neighbours? Never mind, this English five-piece have neighbour problems too.

Wednesday- Stevie Wonder: Superstition

He may not be British, but his performance at Glastonbury this summer was unforgettable.  The ideal finale for an incredible festival.

Thursday- Oasis: Wonderwall

While I personally have never been a dedicated Oasis fan, they are without a doubt one of the key ingredients in the history of British music. Opinions put aside, the truly deserve a pat on the back.

Friday- Lily Allen: Friday Night

“In the club, make our way to the bar. Good dancing love, but you should have worn a bra. Guy on the mike and he’s making too much noise. There’s these girls in the corner, wanting attention from the boys.” Remind you of anything?

Saturday- Lily Allen: LDN

Like it or not, this is a flawless representation of the real London. The only thing missing is a few tourists and some rain.

Sunday- I Blame Coco and Fyfe Dangerfield: Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

These are two seriously underappreciated British gems. This cover is entrancing and reminds me that there is still real talent out there. Find it for yourself, the video is below:


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