A Spotlight On … A Week of Music

With the recent completion of my exams it seems only fitting that I find something to fill my time with. I hereby present to you ‘a week of music’.

I shall update you with a new week’s worth of music, (you guessed it), each week. Not just random songs though, of course not. The music will be themed and in tune with the week’s happenings.

With the weather scorching this weekend it seems only fitting that I begin with a week’s worth of summer music. Yesterday, 22nd May 2010, the temperatures in Britain’s rain filled central- Birmingham reached higher than those of Spain AND Italy. Do not fear though, with the perfect music to accompany the heat we will somehow struggle though…

A Spotlight On… A Week of Summer Music:

Monday- The Bangles: Manic Monday.
Yes it’s Monday, but don’t let the blues get you down. As long as the sun is still shining then this classic number will be sure to get you through the day.

Tuesday- Noah and the Whale: 5 Years Time.
I honestly don’t care what anybody says, for me this is the ULTIMATE summer song. With even a glimpse of sunshine I immediately switch to Spotify and beam 5 Years Time our of my window. Who couldn’t love the flawless Folk combination of Miss Laura Marling along side the Noah boys?

Wednesday- Grease: Summer Nights.
I know every word, have seen the film countless times and feel certain that this tune could cure any mid-week blues. Whether you are too cool to admit it, I cannot see how anybody would not, (even if secretly), love Grease. “Tell me more, tell me more. Did you get very far? Tell me more, tell me more. Like does he have a car?”
For comedy value- the Lego version: (I especially love Danny’s beard.)

Thursday- Florence and the Machine: Cosmic Love.
Florence Welch became the queen of 2009’s festival scene and has possibly managed do the same in 2010. Her live performances just seem to improve each time, while the music is truly beautiful.

Friday- The View: Same Jeans.
No reason really, just because it’s Friday and I love this song. It doesn’t matter whether you can actually understand a word they say, The View are a true gem. PS: It’s almost the weekend.

Saturday- Bloc Party: Hunting For Witches.
Bloc Party- an incredible live band. Hunting For Witches is a personal fav and makes for the perfect Saturday soundtrack. If you’re heading out or having a BBQ, Bloc Party are as essential as a pair of pants.

Sunday-  Laura Marling: Made By Maid.
A chilled Folk number to wind down at the end of a tough, hopefully sunbathing filled week. Based on a Pagan tale, Miss Marling provides the ideal ensemble of a raw guitar melody and soothing vocals.

Until next week. With global warming, who knows it may be a week of snow!


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