A Spotlight On … Peter Doherty

A blog for The Hop Farm Festival:    (Edited Version.)

What comes to mind when you think of Peter Doherty? Firstly, I think of sex, drugs and rock n roll. However, I then think of his many musical conquests and achievements. Not only as a solo artist, but also as a key member of The Libertines AND Babyshambles. If Bob Dylan is the icing on Hop Farm’s line up, then Peter Doherty is the final touch- the sprinkles. I truly cannot wait to see what he has in store for us all.

Now, let me take you on a journey- like a history lesson, but less boring. Once upon a time there was a man and this man was called Peter Doherty. The year was 1997 and Peter had just formed a band called The Libertines. Peter and Carl Barât fronted the band and they received much deserved admiration and success. As the years went by and the century toppled over into the 2000’s the Libertines became more and more popular. They released two albums and boasted many hits. These include the Indie-Punk numbers Don’t Look Back Into The Sun and Can’t Stand Me Now. One day in 2003 horror struck! …The Libertines split and the members drifted in different directions.

Fear not though! After a short break and some turbulent times Peter formed a group and this group was called Babyshambles. Babyshambles also released two studio albums and soon became popular faces of the Indie, Rock scene. Hits include You Talk, Delivery and Killamangiro. Babyshambles continued and developed the energetic, roaring sound of Peter Doherty’s previous music.

This was not enough for Peter though and he still had much more to offer. So, we now also see Peter Doherty, the solo artist. His music takes a gentler, often acoustic style and is equally praiseworthy. In 2008 Doherty headlined The Royal Albert Hall and in 2009 he released his first solo album, Grace/Wastelands. You may know the singles Last Of The English Roses or Broken Love Song. Doherty even collaborated with The Streets on their 2006 hit Prangin’ Out.

This brings us to the present day. Here we find Peter Doherty reforming with the Libertines, as well as continuing with his solo project. So, I think that it is fair to say that Peter Doherty has bags of music, talent and attitude to offer the festivals this summer. See you there!


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