A Spotlight on … Sarah Blasko

Australian songstress Sarah Blasko has taken her home country by storm- she even played at the closing ceremony of Sydney’s Commonwealth Games. Travel to the UK though and the story is very different. ‘As Day Follows Night’ is Blasko’s third album and yet her music remains unknown by reams of people. However, if this album is anything to judge by then now is the time for change!

Each track of ‘As Day Follows Night’ is strikingly captivating and unique. Imagine your perfect musical mixture; which artists would you throw in there? Personally, I would have to include some Laura Marling and a dash of Regina Spektor. Do you agree? …Yes! Then you are sure to adore Sarah Blasko.

The album opens with a gorgeous number, ‘Down On Love’. The lyrics are erupting with emotion, whilst twinkling piano melodies provide the perfect accompaniment. Whilst listening you can almost picture Blasko’s hands gliding across the keys. If this track hasn’t already won you over then keep listening. The second offering, ‘All I Want’, is truly enchanting and undeniably loveable. Sarah Blasko’s flawless voice sits perfectly next to ghostly harmonies, reminiscent of the surreal sound of the Theremin instrument.

This is also a feature of the final number of the album, ‘Night and Day’. This tack is dynamic and proves why Sarah Blasko should be a standard ingredient in anybody’s CD collection. Piano keys dance like fairies to gentle guitar chords. Blasko sings “We’re like night and day, night and day, a bitter night, and a broken day”.

Each track of ‘As Day Follows Night’ is honestly stunning. The album is far from short of surprises; from quirky number ‘Over & Over’ to the moving, acoustic track ‘Is My Baby Yours?’ I’m head over heels for Sarah Blasko and I reckon you soon will be too! So, if like me, you are keen to learn more about Sarah Blasko then visit http://sarahblasko.com/ . Her enchanting new album is out in the UK in May and is bursting with musical treats to rival the current music scene. What’s more, Sarah will be touring alongside Temper Trap this spring, as well as performing at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival and Secret Garden Party.


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