A Spotlight on … Sonisphere Festival 2009

This is a short article which I wrote and just re-discovered, (almost a year later!)

We’ve all heard of Glastonbury and we all at least saw the footage of Reading and Leeds, but I put it to you to try a totally different festival experience. This is exactly what I did this summer at Sonisphere. The UK leg of this alternative and metal festival found its self at the legendary location of Knebworth. Arriving at the festival you’re unlikely to come across many people not dressed in black and donning tattoos. However, don’t let this you put you off and instead prepare for an amazing weekend full of head-banging and air guitars.

The Saturday headliners Linkin Park left much to be desired, unlike Sunday’s sensation that was Metallica. Emerging to a flame filled stage, the nearly thirty year old band proved that they truly know how to captivate an audience. As did the special guests Machine Head who were much anticipated and welcomed by a crowd erupting with circle pits.

If you’re after more than just live bands then the Friday night offered stand-up comedy in the Bohemia tent, accompanied by an undeniably amusing silent disco. Another unexpected highlight was Björn Again, an Abba tribute group who sent thousands of metal heads into a united chorus of Dancing Queen.

The lineup for Sonisphere 2010 is shaping up to be pretty good. True- they haven’t managed to bag Metallica this year, but Pendulum and Iron Maiden are nothing to complain about! Check it out here- http://uk.sonispherefestivals.com/


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