A Spotlight on … Meeting ‘Get Frank’

It seems such a shame that so many unsigned and student bands barely noticed by the media. Take Get Frank for example, who (in the words of my flatmate) is like Florence and the Machine, but better!

Get Frank vocalist, Frankie, is a student at The University of Birmingham, studying Drama and Theatre Arts. She has performed at Vale Festival, helped manage Burn FM and even blagged her way on stage with The Mystery Jets! As soon as we began to talk her confident and talkative nature shone through- a quality which worked to her advantage during her recent performance at The Bristol Pear’s ‘Help Haiti’ gig.

To start with I asked Frankie to describe her musical style in three words. With a smirk she replied, “honest, ramshackle fun”. What does honest, ramshackle fun sound like I hear you ask? When I first listened to Get Frank I immediately thought of Laura Marling and Regina Spektor. Frankie’s own inspiration and icons, however, were the ever so slightly more traditional Kirsty MacCole and Billy Bragg.

“Blur were my favourite band from the age of six, Great Escape was the first album I ever owned. It was a present for my eighth birthday, but then so was Spice Girls’ Spice, so maybe they influenced me too!” On the contrary “some of my favourite songs are by unsigned bands”. This seems a great attitude to uphold; Frankie is even a fan and “official choreographer” of fellow student band The July Days.

Whilst talking to Frankie it was obvious how passionately she felt about her music, as well as that of others. Not only can Frankie sing, but she also plays the ukulele, glockenspiel, flute and panpipes, to name a few. In fact, “I make music with whatever I’ve got”.  She described the outcome as often sounding “blunt” and admitted that “some people might think I’m just this idiot”. “I’m not anti-men, I just write mean things about them” she confessed. However, with a closer listen to her music it is clear that Get Frank is far from just another Lily Allen. Her voice is strikingly beautiful, whilst the accompaniments sound like they have tumbled out of a fairytale.

So, what does the future hold for Get Frank? Frankie hopes to one day have “financial backing” and to “tour and have people turn up”. She plans to continue to write “music that people can dance to” and talks optimistically about the future of Get Frank. Looking to the very near future, Get Frank will be performing at The Bulls Head on the 24th March, as well as Oxjam festival in April. If her set at The Bristol Pear was anything to judge by then fans are in for a treat.

You can find Get Frank online at http://www.myspace.com/getfrankmusic .


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