A Spotlight On … Miss Laura Marling.

As a follow up piece for my recent folk themed blog I decided to focus on the work of Laura Marling. Enjoy!

Miss Marling may only be the tender age of 20, but who isn’t already extremely fond of her? I’m pretty sure that you are too, and if not, you soon will be!

Laura Marling has just set off on an almost entirely sold out UK tour, including one date at London’s Palladium. Her new-folk strumming and captivating voice seem to be the perfect accompaniment for a summer festival. Picture this- you crawl out of your tent, stroll to the arena and sip on an icy-cold cider whilst ‘Devil’s Spoke’ plays in the background. What could be better?

NME Magazine loved Laura Marling’s most recent album ‘I Speak Because I Can’, saying that “the growing pains of an old soul make for compelling and powerful music”. We at Hop Farm think that this album reveals a darker side to Laura Marling. The opening track, ‘Devil’s Spoke’, merges rhythmic strumming with haunting echoes and powerful vocals. As the album progresses the listener is taken on a musical voyage. From the raw, acoustic track ‘Made By Maid’, to the chilling and unforgettable number, ‘Rambling Man’.

Equally you mustn’t forget Marling’s debut album, ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’. The word stunning seems to sum this album up perfectly. The opening track, ‘Ghosts’, declares “I’m still mourning over ghosts that broke my heart before I met you”. The closing track, on the other hand, embraces a composition of bird song and gentle, folk guitars.

All that said, Laura Marling has made an impact on the world of music through more than just her solo career. Remember Noah and the Whale? Laura Marling’s vocals accompany their summertime tune, ‘Five Years Time’. That’s not all though! Laura Marling also contributed vocals to Mystery Jets quirky 2008 single ‘Young Love’.

So, if new-folk starlet Laura Marling sounds like your cup of tea then I’ll see you at the festival! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. Meanwhile, why not check out the video for her newest single, ‘Devil’s Spoke’, here- 


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