A Spotlight On … Lemar -The Hits [Album]

The following is a review for http://www.altsounds.com written by the one and only… me!

Lemar, ‘The Hits’? …Yes you read correctly!

Lemar is hardly on a par with MJ or Oasis and yet he has released a greatest hits album. It seems a bit ridiculous to me. His music tends to involve cheesy Pop numbers, reserved for housewives and girls with pig-tails. That said, Lemar has won me over! Who doesn’t secretly love ‘50/50’ or nonchalantly tap their feet to ‘Dance (With U)’?

Lemar, full name Lemar Obika, finished third place in the 2002 series of Fame Academy. Admittedly, I despise music-based reality TV and wouldn’t listen to a Leona Lewis song if you begged me. However, if you forgive Lemar for his Fame Academy days then he’s actually not half bad! In fact, (obviously against my will), I caught some of Lemar’s set at V Festival in 2009. It goes without saying that the extent of his live talent shocked me. Not only is his voice flawless, but Lemar also has an array of dance moves to rival the likes of JLS.

Since Fame Academy Lemar has released five studio albums, including ‘The Hits’. He has also had countless singles. Surprised? Let me enlighten you a little more…

Everyone is familiar with hits such as ‘50/50’, ‘If There’s Any Justice’ or ‘Dance (With U)’. You might not have realised that Lemar is also responsible for numbers like his 2006 gospel-ballad ‘It’s Not That Easy’. Or ‘If She Knew’, a track bursting enough Pop to make Britney and Robbie Williams both jealous. The album closes with a touching track, ‘What About Love?’ Lemar’s loveable vocals are accompanied by solemn piano keys, asking “what about faith?”, “what about us?”

Lemar is set to perform at Isle Of Man Bay Festival and Rock 4 Life in Inverness, so if you fancy a Pop filled night then you’re in luck. After all, who doesn’t secretly want to belt out “I just wanna dance with you” at the top of their voice?


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