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Please see the below links for PDFs and details of some of my published writing. In my work I strive to write authentically and to explore the topic with real depth and honesty.

Veganuary 2019

Click to read my featurette about my veganism story in the wellness pages of Psychologies, February 2019.

Despite being veggie for years, I never thought I’d go vegan. Two years later, and I feel stronger, more nourished and love cooking and eating out – because of going vegan. Psychologies asked me to write about my journey, and how my mind and body has changed.

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My Life, My Way: Gabriela Lerner

Click to read my six-page feature with Gabriela Lerner, raw vegan, holistic living coach, author and host of events and retreats. For Psychologies, February 2019.

I first met Gabriela on a retreat in Tobago and was honoured to work with her again. Gabriela welcomed us into her home to experience and document her nourishing lifestyle of raw vegan food, meditation, walking, yoga and living in harmony with nature. She was truly inspiring and the feature explores her journey to this.

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My Life, My Way: The Canvas

Click to read my six-page feature with the founder of London’s first Happy Café, Ruth Rogers, for Psychologies, January 2019.

I’m really happy to now be working regularly on the My Life, My Way feature for ‘Psychologies’, interviewing inspiring businesswomen and humans creating change and happiness in the world. Ruth founded a groundbreaking community enterprise, hosting unique events and people in a welcoming setting with delicious vegan food. 

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UK Pride

Click to read: Exploring the Isle of Wight and the message of Pride for DIVA magazine, September 2018.

After its first year of Pride in 2017, the Isle of Wight hosts UK Pride. I head there for ‘DIVA’ and discover an honest community spirit of kindness and connection. 


Unpicking freedom

How to act from a place of true freedom. Click here to read my feature for Psychologies, September 2018.

In this feature I unpick what freedom really means, and how embracing it can create true calm and better relationships.

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Celebrating betas!

Why we should all be supporting and celebrating our introverted, or beta, colleagues. Click here to read my feature for Psychologies, Spring 2018.

As an introvert, I’ve often been overlooked and have also doubted myself. In this feature, I explore why being beta is actually a strength and a hugely positive attribute in the workplace.

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Click here to read a feature for Psychologies about a ‘Raw Love Awakening’ retreat in Tobago, Spring 2018.

I arrived in Castara, Tobago expecting beaches and yoga. I left feeling nourished and refreshed – having met an amazing community of people and truly embraced the spirit of “Tobago time”.

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Queer yoga

Click for, ‘Inhale, Exhale, Repeat’: a feature for DIVA magazine exploring the role of yoga in the wellbeing and mental health of queer people.

Yoga has lifted me through difficult times. In this feature, I speak to LGBT+ people who share their honest and brave yoga journeys.

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Conscious dating

Click for: ‘Falling in love again‘ feature about dating and learning to be vulnerable again for Psychologies January 2018.

I was inspired to write this piece after being single for two years and taking the first steps back into dating…

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The Fix

I have edited ‘The Fix’ for Psychologies for the last three years. In the five monthly pages, we feature new books, films, exhibitions and research. Please find examples below. I love the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking involved in editing these pages. 

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, November 2016.

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, April 2017.

Click here to read The Fix, Psychologies, May 2017.


Novel writing

Click for: Writing weekend with Skyros and Psychologies. (August 2017 and online.)



Click for: ‘What should I do with my life?’ careers coaching feature for Psychologies, June 2017.

careers coaching

Swiss travel

Click for: ‘Time travel‘ feature about a weekend exploring Ascona in Switzerland, Psychologies, April 2017.


All the single ladies!

Click for: ‘Single minded’ feature about embracing and enjoying being single for Psychologies, February 2017.

This feature came from my unexpected experience of loving being single and learning to love myself again. 



Click for: ‘Climb every mountain’, overcoming our weaknesses at work, feature for Psychologies, December 2016.



Click for: ‘Three’s a crowd’, relationships coaching feature for Psychologies, August 2016.


Beyond the binary

Click for: ‘Finding your self’, feature for Psychologies, July 2016.

In this piece, I explore different identities, and was particularly proud to interview Tyler Ford, who identifies as non-binary.  


(Header photo by João Silas on Unsplash.)


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